Dear God-seeker,

I have not updated my website 5 yrs.  For a long-time I didn't know why it was so hard to concentrate to get
things done. I had such decreasing energy. In 2014 the reason was discovered: cancer. By the grace of God, I
almost am completely recovered!  In addition, a gift from this "pause" in my life has caused me to really
consider what I want you to find here. I don't want to waste your time. I don't want to try to sell you
anything-even though there are items for sale.

Here you will find original music, writing, books, Bible studies and a link to devotions to deepen your faith
in God. (Here it is!  
Nuggets of God's Wisdom by Elizabeth)  If you have not decided if you believe in Him or
you believe but are not sure you know Him, then what you find here will help you on your faith journey.

If you decide to invest a few precious minutes here, I encourage you to read
my story.  It will help you
understand why an ordinary person like me has created all this music and writing for you.

If you only do one thing here, please click on the
Music tab and read about worship (what it is and what its
not, why its important and how to become a God-worshiper.)

My prayer is that  everything you find here to be a source of our Lord's spiritual food.   So many of us are
hungry and thirsty for more in life. Often we don't recognize this very real inner need is only fulfilled when
we choose to seek and go deeper in our relationship with God.  

I have felt led by the Holy Spirit to create everything here.  Every item has been prayed about and prayed
over at every step of development.  My prayer is that when you leave this page you feel encouraged, refreshed
and maybe a little less hungry-that everything you find here is a help.  My request from our Lord is that He
sovereignly nudge you if there is anything here which you are supposed to have or give to someone else.  

We are all on a journey either towards or away from God. I pray our Lord bless you, keep you and guide you
closer to Him so He can give you more than you have ever wanted.  I may not know you by name yet, but I
carry you in my heart. I have been praying for you for a long time.  ~ Elizabeth
Note: this site is finally under massive re-development.  Should you have more questions
than the site currently answers please email me at:  elizabeth@holyspiritpress.org

TO ORDER MUSIC and hear sample audio clips: please visit
or find me on itunes.

Thank you for stopping by. Thank you for your patience. And thank you for your prayers
that this site becomes everything the Lord wants it to be for you.